Ambulatory Care

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Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory Care services offered in San Antonio, TX

Ambulatory or outpatient care covers most of your medical needs without subjecting you to a hospital stay. At Arbor Mental Health & Family Medical Center LLC in San Antonio, Texas, Richard Diaz, DNP, FNP, PMHNP-BC, and the team give you the care you need for mental and physical health conditions without requiring you to be away from the comfort of your home. You can also get telemedicine services when they’re more convenient. Call Arbor Mental Health & Family Medical Center LLC or schedule an appointment online for ambulatory health and wellness services today.

Ambulatory Care Q&A

What is ambulatory care?

Ambulatory care is medical care you receive on an outpatient basis. That means you come in for an appointment, get the care you need, and leave the very same day. It’s different from inpatient care, which involves an overnight stay in a hospital or long-term care facility. 


Most of the medical care you get throughout life, including primary, preventive, and chronic care, is in an ambulatory setting. Even outside of your primary care clinic, you can receive ambulatory care at other facilities, like dialysis clinics or rehab centers. 


Arbor Mental Health & Family Medical Center LLC offers a wide range of ambulatory services you get by appointment. Even when an office visit isn’t possible, you can access your primary care provider with telehealth virtual visits. 

Which services can I get with ambulatory care?

Arbor Mental Health & Family Medical Center LLC provides many services for you and your family on an outpatient basis. Some of these services are routine, while others you might only need from time to time or never. 


You can trust Arbor Mental Health & Family Medical Center LLC for ambulatory health services like:


  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Physical exams
  • Sick visits
  • Chronic disease management
  • Vaccines
  • Botox® and fillers
  • Lab work
  • Psychiatric evaluations and care
  • Addiction treatment
  • Weight loss services
  • Women’s health care
  • Telepsychiatry
  • Telehealth 


If you receive ongoing treatment for a mental or physical health condition, the team helps you stay on track with meeting your needs at every step. If your needs fall outside their expertise, they can make helpful specialist referrals to local experts. 

When should I schedule a visit for ambulatory care?

There are some ambulatory care services you need when you’re healthy, and others you need when you’re not feeling well. You can visit Arbor Mental Health & Family Medical Center LLC for:

Preventive care

Preventive services like disease screenings, physical exams, and immunizations help you stay healthy and avoid certain preventable ailments. 

Acute care

Acute care is the care you receive for short-term illnesses and injuries. You can schedule a sick visit any time you experience new symptoms or changes in the way you function. 

Chronic care

Chronic care is ongoing health care for long-term mental or physical conditions. It typically includes medication management, follow-ups and testing, and additional treatments like psychiatric counseling. 


Call Arbor Mental Health & Family Medical Center LLC or book an appointment online for ambulatory health services today.